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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Feudotto Line consists of seven labels. The monovarietals Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola, and the blend of these three cultivars: Val di Mazara PDO, PGI Sicilia, Organic and the Traditional blend.


In order to guarantee the excellence of our processes, products and services with the aim of creating more and more trust and credibility towards an attentive consumer, we have decided to guarantee the traceability of our oils according to the most popular quality standards.

Who we are

Since the beginning, we have focused on enhancing one of the most widespread production in Menfi, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olive growers, promoting the production of this great territory, have given life in the course of the years to the brand Feudotto, nowadays synonym of excellence in the olive oil field.


Our olive growers have a deep connection with the land. They know how to recognize and predict the characteristics of the harvest, living a deep link with the territory. Customs and values handed down from generation to generation and that even today are alive among the youngest.

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