Since the beginning, we have focused on enhancing one of the most widespread production in Menfi, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olive growers, promoting the production of this great territory, have given life in the course of the years to the brand Feudotto, nowadays synonym of excellence in the olive oil field.

Our brand takes its name from the area where the company is located, in the Sicilian dialect “Fiottu”, a hilly area, a few kilometers from the town center.

We use a simple and linear packaging that combines a traditional product with a modern design, today more and more requested. Our symbol are two superimposed “o”, which form the number “eight”, recalling a part of the brand name (Feudotto: “Otto” in Italian means eight). The eight in the number symbolism represents the infinity. This is the story we have imagined for our brand, an endless story.

The strength of our brand lies in the quality of a product that is now symbol of the Mediterranean diet, an authentic “Made in Sicily”. We have focused everything on quality, attention to detail, safety and transparency, because our consumers are most aware of food and health. We are a reference point for those who are careful to bring only safe products to the table.

We are always careful to guarantee the excellence of our processes, products and services with the aim of creating trust and credibility towards a more and more conscious consumer. We have decided to guarantee the traceability of our oils according to the most widespread quality standards.

The Feudotto EVO oils line includes seven labels. The monovarietals Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola, and the blend of these three cultivars: P.D.O. Val di Mazara, G.P.I. Sicilia, Organic and the Traditional blend.

In recent years, we have put out a brand extension of the Feudotto brand, invading new market. Feudotto brand also includes a Preserve Line (Green Olive Paté, Artichoke Paté, Sun-dry Tomatoes, Sun-dry Tomatoes Paté, Caponata, and Green Olives in Brine) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cosmetic Line (Body Cream, Hand Cream, Face Cream, Lip Balm and Aftershave).