"Not only with his work, but often also with his own blood the peasant fertilizes the land".

This Léon Mirman’s quote best explains our olive growers’ relationship and link with the land.

Slide Each plot of land for them is “home”, is a gathering place, it is the place to get in touch with nature, simply taking care of it. Olive trees are not simple plants, but are the fruit of the hard work of years of sacrifice. Slide A real farmer in this part of Sicily takes care of his olive trees, as they were their children. He is worried if it is raining or if it is too hot, because the bad weather could nullify all his work. Slide The most authentic expression of this part of Sicily is represented by the faces and hands of the country people and above all by the intense and unique aromas of freshly pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The farmers of this great community know all the secrets of this cult and can illustrate the characteristics of each cultivar present on the territory. A set of customs and values that is handed down from generation to generation and that is still alive even among the youngest, who have learned to interpret the values of the land in a modern way. Slide Everyone here has the sense of the land. They have learned to forecast the weather using Nature and to predict the characteristics of the harvest. The symbiosis between the community and agriculture is evident and finds the maximum exaltation in the periods of harvest. Slide The month of October is almost a holiday, the whole area becomes alive and the ferment is visible in the countryside as in the small white streets, which are full of vehicles loaded with olives ready for the mill. The sense of belonging and the hospitality of the Sicilian people will give those who came in these parts, for some reason, an unforgettable experience. Slide Menfi and its territory are a precious area, where the identity and values of farmers, the uncontaminated nature and the traditional cultivars combine to give a magical, authentic and innovative experience of the Sicilian countryside.